We know outdoor. Dot2Dot Communications is the pioneer of media management software Ad Manager.

Ad Manager is a business management system for your entire company. It’s neatly bundled into one system to manage all media. It allows you to PLAN campaigns more profitably, PLACE ads more efficiently, and MEASURE results quickly and accurately.


  • Gain control of your scheduling by delivering the right ad to the right place at the right time – every time
  • Know your availability, no matter how complex your ad network is
  • Easily create and manage playlists for both static and digital content
  • Manage the entire process from proposal to contract, scheduling to fulfillment, completion to invoicing
  • Report results. Powerful reporting tools to deliver proposals, proof of performance, and company metrics
  • Enter data once. The system can be integrated with existing CRM, Accounting and other systems so data is entered once

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We have been using Ad Manager since I joined Adams Outdoor Advertising over eleven years ago, and I appreciate the flexibility of the application to allow our fourteen markets to operate with a high degree of autonomy, while providing a common platform for standardized and consolidated reporting. There is almost no limit to the level of detail that can be derived from Ad Manager data, which is important when analyzing asset utilization and maximizing revenues. The opportunity to interact with the development team at Dot2Dot over the years has enhanced both the functionality of the software and our utilization of it, such as the recent integration of the TAB Out of Home ratings with our scheduling function.
— Tim O’Connell, Corporate Controller, Adams Outdoor —

Ad Based Network Statistics

Prompted to take action after DOOH
Purchase increase
OOH's reach in one month
People that believe OOH influences their purchase
Percent of total shelter audience that is vehicular