Greensboro Science Centre welcomes visitors with Sun Media Trees

Greensboro Science Centre welcomes visitors with Sun Media Trees

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Toronto, ON, October 20, 2016 — Dot2Dot Communications, the Canadian Master Distributor of Scala, is pleased to have been selected to be the content management provider for the launch of  solar powered, fully interactive digital signage engineered and built by Ingenuity Sun Media (ISM).

mediatreeISM`s Sun Media Trees (SMTs) are located throughout the parking lot at the Greensboro Science Centre to provide real-time promotional, educational and commercial information. Visitors interact with the trees using their handheld devices to take away special offers/deals.

The unique structures are a first for incorporating renewable energy practices and technology into a digital media platform. The trees were launched using Scala Enterprise as their CMS solution for its solid platform, scalability, and robust feature set. With eye for rolling out many different networks of SMTs in stadiums, malls and public venues, ISM needed a system that could handle growth and innovation to adapt with new technology.

“This is a first for us to work with an organization that has built OOH structures that use renewable energy with a commercial grade LED/LCD display to deliver a 360-degree interactive communications platform,” states Andy McRae, General Manager for Dot2Dot Communications. “SMTs are the perfect solution to benefit all parties: property owners, advertisers and visitors.”

Next steps include looking at how Dot2Dot`s media management system, Ad Manager, will play a role with managing, scheduling and tracking the advertising sold on the SMT networks.

About Ingenuity Sun Media
Ingenuity Sun Media (ISM) is based in Randolph, NJ with a satellite office in Charlotte, NC. ISM develops and installs custom Solar assisted digital communication systems to fit a wide range of properties. ISM is currently in various stages of development at a number of locations across the United States. These venues include Professional Sports Stadiums, Zoos, Entertainment Centers, Universities, Shopping Centers and Municipalities.

About Dot2Dot Communications
Dot2Dot provides one-stop, “concept-to-connection” solutions for all digital signage and ad-based communications. Based in Toronto, Canada, the Dot2Dot team delivers a unique combination of 25+ years’ hands-on experience, industry-leading proprietary ad management software (Ad Manager), and is the Canadian Master Distributor for the world’s leading digital signage software company, Scala Inc. Our award-winning fully integrated solutions are backed by a range of services including, installation, training, customization and support. Dot2Dot Communications is independently owned.

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