Media Management Backed by Big Data: Ad Manager has it Covered

Media Management Backed by Big Data: Ad Manager has it Covered

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Toronto, ON, February 11, 2014 — Dot2Dot Communications, pioneer of media management software Ad Manager, and Canadian Master Distributor for Scala digital signage software launches important innovations using big data analytics to gain a competitive edge and add value for its clients.

At the heart of Ad Manager is inventory management, the hub containing reams of data used to effectively and efficiently convert such value-oriented results into enhanced campaign planning, proven consumer reach and engagement, and detailed proof-of-performance.

The systems’ targeting functionality and surrounding-area profiles provides users with the tools needed to plan campaigns using context data such as age, gender, demographics, weather forecasts and more. With this type of sophistication, businesses can identify ideal locations and develop enhanced content strategies that target audiences with the highest propensity to act on a message—pretty powerful metrics.

“Dot2Dot continues to make great strides with delivering media management backed by big data. Our industry-specific tool is capable of consuming, aggregating, and organizing massive quantities of data into actionable and measurable results,” explains Andy McRae, General Manager, Dot2Dot Communications. “Every business has instant access to virtually unlimited data these days, but precious few have the tool set to actually mine and act on that data.”

For more information or a hands-on demo, visit Dot2Dot Communications at DSE in the Scala booth #736.

About Dot2Dot Communications

Dot2Dot provides one-stop, “concept-to-connection” solutions for all digital signage and ad-based communications. Based in Toronto, Canada, the Dot2Dot team delivers a unique combination of over 30 years’ hands-on experience, industry-leading proprietary ad management software, and sole Canadian distributorship for the world’s leading digital signage software company, Scala Inc. Our award-winning fully integrated solutions are backed by best-in-class partners to provide a full range of services from installation and network hosting to content strategy, creative design, scheduling, and audience measurement. Dot2Dot Communications is independently owned.

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