Billy Bishop Airport / Transportation


BBTCA’s new tunnel facility was designed as a unique 12-minute experience, intended to efficiently transfer 7,000-10,000 passengers per day from curb-side to check-in. The DOOH and mobile app needed to fit into and augment that travel experience.
The greatest challenge was to create an advertising ecosystem unique to Billy Bishop Airport that provides passengers with an easy-to-use, useful and enjoyable experience, while also enhancing the brand of the airport itself.

The digital signage at Billy Bishop Airport is being used to increase travellers productivity, economize space, and to enhance the passenger journey via way-finding, passenger tracking, flight information delivery, flow management, screen-to-screen content movement, entertainment and interactivity.
The numerous displays are placed to capitalize on traffic patterns and dwell time at the airport and are synched so that marketers can connect their messaging with passenger flow. Interactive displays encourage deeper engagement, and beacon and tracking technology can measure the efficacy of various features. All screens are powered using Scala Content Manager and Ad Manager for a complete and connected solution.

With the app, users are offered enhanced free wifi to track and receive alerts about flight changes and updates, and enjoy articles related to their interests and destinations via the app’s digital magazine. The app is also supported by a responsive website.

After a few months in market BLACK has several repeat bookings from launch advertisers who plan to increase their presence at the airport, and additional clients have added Billy Bishop to their upcoming planning cycles. A good indication of early success.

Project completed by BLACK