BlueShore Financial / Banking


BlueShore Financial, Edgemont Village, wanted a more dynamic experience at the ATM locations and that would address the direct sunlight legibility of the screens. As well, the structural column as a focal point in the bank needed some aesthetic enhancements to communicate the brand experience that BlueShore Financial is known for. The size and curvature of the column also presented a challenge.

ATM window solution:
10net used custom open frame displays along with designing and manufacturing custom bezels that seamlessly integrated into the existing structure of the ATM windows. 19”/ 1500nit sunlight viewable screens addressed legibility concerns. To add to the dynamic experience, colour changing LED lights were added to the ‘art glass’ of the wall housing the ATMs and custom scripting was used to synchronize the content on the ATM window displays to the colour of the LED’s.

Column Cascade Solution:
10net designed and installed a cascade of ten small commercial LED displays and two larger LED displays to enhance the aesthetics of the column. Custom fabricated mounts were used to compensate for the curvature of the column, to conceal cabling, and to precisely angle the displays. Content was designed to seamlessly flow and synchronize between displays using an HP computer with 12 DisplayPort outputs. Custom scripting and video configuration was built using Scala Enterprise software.

The BlueShore Financial, Edgemont Village project stands proud next to 10net`s APEX Award winning BlueShore Financial premiere project. Edgemont features the beautiful West Coast imagery intrinsic to the bank`s brand. It was designed to engage and inspire clients and visitor`s experience, day after day.

Project completed by – 10 net