Bombardier / Transportation


Every day, around the globe, Bombardier manufactures state-of-the-art planes and trains that help people and goods get where they need to go. They do this by engineering ingenious and sustainable solutions to today’s mobility challenges and opportunities. Bombardier set out to extend this innovative thinking to their own marketing and customer service for business aircraft.

Bombardier upgraded from printed “whiteboards” for displaying their fleet’s specs with a deceptively simple solution, developed by Telecine Multimedia, an interactive touch screen housed in an all-weather kiosk. The kiosks travel from Montreal with Bombardier business aircrafts to events around the globe and can be instantly updated via the Internet from anywhere. Now, clients can browse aircraft families and aircraft- specific features, interact with range maps, and explore customer services and facilities based on location, aircraft type or facility type.

This unique digital signage application has allowed Bombardier’s marketers and customer service professionals to showcase many more features and services than anything previously available. Behaviour of the kiosks can be monitored, no matter where they are placed – and customers now have direct access to information and a communication pipeline back to customer service. Bombardier now has a kiosk that will grow and change as their business evolves.
Project completed by – Telecine Multimedia