Cieslok Media / Out Of Home


As an out of home media specialist, Cielsok Media was looking for a stable platform with robust functionality to handle full-motion high definition (HD) videos and sophisticated scripting capabilities for their digital billboards. They needed the right set of tools that will allow for greater flexibility, the ability to target messages more effectively, and deliver dynamic content to their stunning LED billboards found in Canada’s most sought-after media locations.

Cieslok switched platforms to Scala Enterprise software, and is working closely with Dot2Dot Communications to turn their growing number of digital boards into a dynamic communications platform. “As Canada’s leading premium OOH company we pride ourselves on delivering quality content on the best media assets, amplifying brand messages and captivating audiences”, says Jörg Cieslok, President & CEO of Cieslok Media. “As we grow our digital inventory it’s become clear there is a need for a cutting-edge platform to support advertisers with relevant creative content that can also engage with audiences,” states Jörg, “We believe Dot2Dot Communications with Scala is that platform.”

Cieslok Media is revolutionizing the way brands are treating/ looking at their Outdoor media buys. With the insurgence of large-format digital screens (10’ x 35’) coupled with the latest in digital technology to manage these boards, we’re seeing brilliant, rich colour, high contrast images that bring brands to life. Using Scala Enterprise, Digital Out of Home (DOOH) delivers dynamic, relevant and timely content with capabilities such as social media integration, live photo uploads, real-time triggered events, day parting and live data integration.
Dot2Dot Communications Client – Cieslok Media