Crescent School / Education


Crescent School was in search of a system that would allow them to facilitate communications with students, staff, and visitors in the most effective and efficient manner possible. Additionally, the school required student involvement as part of the solution, utilizing the system as a teaching aid and encouraging ‘ownership’ of the screens and the network.

By installing 5 screens at carefully chosen locations throughout the campus, Crescent now has an automated means to display relevant and engaging school community news. To compliment Crescent content, the school also has a number of automated feeds—news, weather, and real-time bus schedules to keep everyone in the know. Equally important to the solution was getting the students involved with managing the network. To facilitate that Dot2Dot hosted a two-day on-campus workshop for hands-on training and set-up. Participants of the workshop regarded the session as “incredibly convenient”, “helpful”, and “supportive”.

Now, Crescent School not only has peace of mind that emergency alerts can be broadcast instantly, but they have an effective communication and teaching aid that keeps students informed and engaged. “Crescent TV is definitely having an impact. We control the look and feel of the content; we’re delivering on-campus news and highlights quickly and dynamically…Everyone feels a part of the solution and they’re looking at the screens with a sense of ownership.”- Spencer Belyea, Crescent School’s Communications Prefect, Grade 12 Student
Project completed by – Dot2Dot Communications