Hydro One / Corporate Communications


Hydro One has been connecting the province of Ontario to safe, reliable, and cost effective electricity for more than 100 years. Keeping in theme with efficiency, Hydro One set out to improve their corporate communications with a reliable and robust solution that would connect their regional offices and enhance internal employee communications.

Dot2Dot partner, The Data Works set up a 10-screen digital network using Scala Content Manager to communicate Hydro One’s mission statement and policies, statistics on health and safety, customer service, and environmental news. The network also displays employee news—upcoming social or work-related events, employee milestones, new hires, building maintenance and news stories to promote company moral. Hydro One creates and manages its content, and maintains the network in-house.

With the help of The Data Works, Hydro One is delivering timely and relevant communications to staff across many locations. “Our communications department uses Scala software to manage and maintain multiple display screens located in Hydro One field offices across the province,” said Kristin Brand, Grid Operations Technician. “Scala Content Manager is easy to use and allows us to quickly diagnose system errors and schedule content to individual or groups of display screens.”
Project completed by – Data Works