Nortec Humidity / Corporate Communications


Nortec has a wide variety of technology to suit the needs of many different building environments. With their ever growing range of scenarios they needed an efficient and cost effective solution to educate and inspire engineers who specialize in humidification design for buildings. They wanted an interactive and visually appealing experience that could easily be transported to different target audiences.

The Nortec Roadshow – a mobile showroom set in an impressive 28ft trailer to deliver an interactive sales and marketing environment for Nortec’s humidification and evaporative cooling product line. The set-up also doubles as an invaluable sales assistant tool to facilitate multiple presentations at the same time. The brains behind the unique show & tell are Dot2Dot partner, TAG, who are known for transforming various types of vehicles into classrooms, museums, sales units and more.

Both TAG and Dot2Dot worked closely with Nortec to design and implement a content strategy using Scala Enterprise to manage four 22” touch screens, and one 55” LED screen. Dot2Dot’s technical team created the educational touch solution using Scala Designer’s advanced functionality features. All content was built in such a way that Nortec can easily update to reflect new technology in the future.

Given the success of the Nortec mobile showroom, TAG has transitioned some elements from the trailer into a trade show booth for Nortec. This means great cost-savings for valuable marketing dollars and consistent brand messaging.

Project completed by TAG