Springfree Trampoline / Retail


Springfree’s trampolines have been primarily sold online and through mass merchant retailers. Several years ago they began investing in their own retail stores. Sales were steady, but they knew they could achieve more if the retail store properly reflected the high value proposition of their products. The objective for the project was to create a captivating in-store digital retail experience to elevate the store environment and aid in sales growth.

Dot2Dot partner Tapology worked closely with the Springfree leadership teams to develop a company-wide strategic communication plan. After identifying various opportunities for digital engagement based on retail positioning goals and business objectives, it was determined the plan would launch with a 4-screen digital signage Brand Wall (video wall). The project was sold based on the Scala platform for its ease of use, centralized control, and ability to effectively distribute and manage content at both a country and regional geographic level to support Springfree stores in both the US and Canada. The solution produced a larger than life display that engaged customers immediately upon entering the store and brought to life the value proposition of owning a Springfree trampoline. Anchoring their retail environment as a modern space – reflective of their products.

The Brand Wall engages retail customers as soon as they enter a store. It strikes a balance as being both a story telling medium and sales assistant that brings the experience of owning a Springfree trampoline to the forefront of conversation. The content ranges from communicating brand themes inspired by heritage and community, to product information focused on safety and innovation. Patrons also experience user generated content from social media that showcase the fun nature of the brand.
Project completed by – Tapology