University of Toronto / Eductation


The University of Toronto Recreational and Wellness Center (RAWC) is a new state-of-the-art facility. In addition to servicing the campus, the Center facilitates several community outreach programs to nearby schools and the local hospital. Managing the various programs was a full-time job, and the limited tools they had were proving ineffective. They needed to improve efficiencies and find a solution that would grow as they did.

MyMedia took on the challenge of delivering a system that fulfilled all of U of T’s requirements in an easy-to-use, easy-to-implement system. Using Scala in conjunction with MyMedia’s content manager server, the system houses all of U of T’s content and playlists using a series of templates and scripts giving the fitness coordinator and his team the ability to change daily schedules on the fly and in real-time. They can also now play satellite TV simultaneously with other digital feeds like news, weather, and time.

This powerful communications tool has enabled the Centre to cross market information at the same time while people are being entertained. The system has proved to be a time-saving and green solution, saving the department a tremendous amount of money and resources with not having to print and post daily programs.
Project completed by – My Media