Scala showcasing retail solutions at NRF BIG Show in NYC

Scala showcasing retail solutions at NRF BIG Show in NYC

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Digital signage experience provider Scala Inc., is set to showcase six shopping solutions that focus on connecting the online and in-store worlds at this year’s National Retail Federation BIG Show, Jan. 17-20 in New York City.

Scala said its retail experts will show how to personalize the shopping experience down to a single-customer focus using digital, creating deeper brand awareness. Additional booth highlights include engagement and interaction, and using fact-based, real-time actionable data to optimize messaging. The new solutions start by drawing the customer into the retail experience, reaching across all digital touchpoints, to create a more meaningful experience and deeper brand awareness, the company said.

Also to be found in the Scala booth will be the latest in screen technology from LG Electronics USA. Fity-five-inch and 49-inch LS75 monitors featuring an ultrathin 7.4-mm bezel are included in the “Lift & Learn” and “Instore Re-Targeter” solutions, respectively. All screens, the area of a display that surrounds the screen, and highest-quality brightness.

The solutions on display in Scala’s booth include:

Instore Re-Targeter – Using beacon technology and connecting to a retailer’s app, it’s possible to detect and act on fact-based consumer profiles and purchase history for in-store customers. Sales associates with live data dashboards can adjust screen content to be as relevant as possible to one specific customer in the store to highlight recently viewed items, suggest complementary purchases and offer tailored promotions.

Interactive Fitting Room – When a customer enters the fitting room with an item, product details are detected, triggering images to display on a touchscreen. If something doesn’t fit or the color isn’t right, customers can use the screen to send requests for new items directly to sales associates’ devices. Screens also can be used to suggest complementary items to encourage add-on purchases.

Instassociate – Customers use a touchscreen kiosk powered by Google Chromebox to request assistance anywhere in the store. The tool connects the customer with sales associates who receive a request-for-help notification on their devices; the customer sees the picture and name of who will meet to help. The tool also reports actionable data such as most active sales associate and request vs. response time.

Connected Café – Customers can order coffee with Scala’s pre-order app connected to proximity beacons and interactive screens. Customers send in an order for their favorite cup of gourmet coffee from anywhere, any time and include a picture of themselves. Beacons detect when they’ve entered the area, the coffee starts brewing and their own picture pops up on the screen to let them know it’s ready.

Lift & Learn – This interactive solution helps customers compare and decide at the point of decision and features LG smartphones and the latest in 2XU athletic apparel. Lift one item from a high-end fixture, integrated with anti-theft technology, and embedded RFID tags trigger LED screens and the smartphone screen to update, showing extensive details on that product. When a second item is lifted, the content on the screen splits to display information on both items, instantly helping the shopper compare.

Real-time Insight Reporting – Sales associates can use actionable live-data reporting about in-store customers and behaviors, applying it to optimize ads, promotions and even pricing to in-store screen content. Reporting capabilities apply to a wide variety of solutions and data such as sales or orders per hour, productivity of associates, customer dwell time and items of highest interest to current audiences.


Scala will post videos of all these solutions on the Scala YouTube channel shortly after NRF. 

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