Tourism Vancouver welcomes visitors with awe-inspiring digital signage

Tourism Vancouver welcomes visitors with awe-inspiring digital signage

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Toronto, ON, July 15, 2013 — Dot2Dot Communications announces the newly renovated Tourism Vancouver visitor centre replete with a spectacular 3×3 55” video wall, a 22 foot horizontal video presentation, interactive kiosks, and a living wall. Dot2Dot partner, 10net Managed Solutions, won the project and exceeded expectations with deliverables, timelines, and HD content that is sure to wow Metro Vancouver’s 8 million+ visitors every year.
AAs a business association that represents over 1,000 members made up of the city’s restaurants, hotels, and featured attractions like Stanley Park and Granville Island, Grouse Mountain and Capilano Suspension Bridge, Tourism Vancouver’s flagship centre is a destination found in the heart of the city.

“Our goal was to create an experience that would encourage tourists to easily seek out and act on all that the city has to offer,” states Ted Lee, CFO & VP, Experience Vancouver at Tourism Vancouver. “10net’s expertise and valuable insight has made all the difference with executing this project—the new visual communications, audio, and overall energy and experience generated in the new centre is something for all Vancouverites and British Columbians to be proud of for sure.”

The network of screens is powered using Scala Content Manager with several customized Scala scripts written by 10net to bring the vision to life. A custom built 9 output media player running 1080p on each output drives the impressive 3×3 video wall at a true 5760×3240 pixel resolution, while another 6 output player drives the 22 foot long vertical array of LCD panels at a true 11520×1080 pixel resolution. Content can be displayed in any configuration for ultimate flexibility, however full resolution content across the entire 3×3 video wall has, by far, the greatest visual impact.


Across all screens, dynamic real-time content is prevalent. Local weather, multi-day part content, special offers, discounted day-of tickets, and an array of pre-bundled, themed experiences to suit any traveler’s needs. Through using interactive touch screens, visitors are able to conveniently preview menus of local restaurants, make reservations or purchase tickets on-the-spot.

Moving forward, 10net will incorporate additional functionality to dynamically play content based on the weather, display events from TVAN’s scheduling system, and take over ambient audio based on the content playing.

“From proposal to installation in less than 60 days, our team created and installed this solution using custom fabricated brackets, unique Scala scripts, and amazing dynamic content,” explains Trevor Nuttall, Partner – Network Services at 10net Managed Solutions. “This has been an incredibly exciting and rewarding project to have worked on; we look forward to continuing to host, manage, and build-on this solution.”


About Tourism Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver’s focus is on building exceptional customer relationships. Our primary customers are meeting planners, travel influencers, travel media and independent tourists. Our efforts generate demand for the destination, thereby creating value for members and stakeholders. Innovation, partnership, research and accountability guide our approach. We utilize person-to-person and technology-based sales, marketing and visitor servicing activities to grow visitors and position Vancouver as a ‘world city’.

About 10net Managed Solutions

10net Managed Solutions is a Vancouver-based technology company focused on capturing customers with compelling, motivating, and intelligent digital signage experiences. 10net drives results for top firms in retail, corporate, financial, professional services and industrial sectors by harnessing the power of digital signage technology to build business for their customers. Their close working relationship with various partners enables 10net to provide end to end solutions, which sets them apart from other digital signage companies that can only handle one part of the solution delivery.

About Dot2Dot Communications

Dot2Dot provides one-stop, “concept-to-connection” solutions for all digital signage and ad-based communications. Based in Toronto, Canada, the Dot2Dot team delivers a unique combination of 30+ years’ hands-on experience, industry-leading proprietary ad management software, and sole Canadian distributorship for the world’s leading digital signage software company, Scala Inc. Our award-winning fully integrated solutions are backed by best-in-class partners to provide a full range of services from installation and network hosting to content strategy, creative design, scheduling, and audience measurement. Dot2Dot Communications is independently owned.

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