Seneca Polytechnic Advances Digital Strategies and Student Experience with Dot2Dot Communications and ViewSonic Direct View LED 135” Mobile Display

Seneca Polytechnic is a multi-campus postsecondary institution located in the Greater Toronto Area and Peterborough, Ontario. It offers full-time and part-time programs at the baccalaureate, diploma, certificate, and graduate levels. Combining academic rigor with practical, professional, and career-focused learning, Seneca Polytechnic provides students with a seamless transition from education to employment. 🎓✨

“Installation of the ViewSonic Direct View LED by Dot2Dot Communications, an AV digital signage integrator, was completed in January 2024, and feedback to date has been phenomenal. Both the President and Vice President have affirmed that ViewSonic was the right solution for Seneca.”
— Alvin Shum, Head of Enterprise IT Client Services


🔍 Upgrade Requirements:

  • Upgrade an 86-inch display that was too small for a large meeting room and produced high screen glare.
  • The school did not want permanent equipment installed, so a flexible installation method was needed.
  • The chosen display technology had to enable employees to interact with content through a centralized system, with the ability to send out communications and alerts 24/7.

Seneca Polytechnic’s CITE Employee Lounge was repurposed as a meeting space, but it lacked the technology to support presentations and sound. A temporary 86-inch display on wheels was deployed in the space, but sun streaming through the large, south-facing windows throughout the day created a blinding glare on the screen.

The challenge was to find a solution that offered functionality without compromising the lounge’s ability to host meetings. Permanent installations weren’t ideal, so a flexible approach was needed.

Seneca sought an immersive display technology that would allow employees to seamlessly interact with content. This solution also needed to integrate with a

centralized system, enabling the broadcast of communications and alerts 24/7, regardless of the employee’s location.


🧩 ViewSonic® LDS135-151 Direct View LED Mobile Display

In its search for more immersive display technologies, Seneca Polytechnic found ViewSonic’s innovative LDS135-151 Direct View LED display as the perfect answer through the recommendation of Dot2Dot Communications, one of Seneca Polytechnic’s digital innovation partners.

“Dot2Dot considered several different traditional wall, ceiling, and floor mounted LED options for the space, each of which presented their own set of installation challenges and extra costs,” said John Bostock, VP Business Development, Dot2Dot Communications. “We fell in love with the ViewSonic LDS135-151 Direct View LED at first sight. An ideal solution for Seneca which eliminated all of the obstacles and costs with the traditional methods. The ViewSonic Engineering team has done a masterful job in designing the LED: quick setup, easy to use, great picture quality with integrated sound, and its portability providing Seneca with the versatility of being able to move the LED anywhere on Campus to support their student and open house events.”

This industry-first display ticked all the boxes for Seneca. The massive 135-inch display created an engaging viewing experience, while the LED technology, high contrast ratio, and incredible brightness eliminated glare. This ensured clear viewing from nearly any angle within the room, important for a space that transforms from lounge to meeting area.

Beyond its physical attributes, the ViewSonic display integrated seamlessly with Seneca’s centralized IT infrastructure. This allows for effortless content interaction and the ability to broadcast communications and alerts 24/7, further enhancing employee engagement.

“Seneca Polytechnic chose the ViewSonic 135” Direct View LED based on the added functionalities it brings,” said Alvin Shum, Head of Enterprise IT Client Services. “It addresses challenges we had with viewing angles from the existing 86-inch TV display we previously had set up in the space. The older display was also not the right size for the room, and there were challenges with glare due to sunlight. The ViewSonic Direct View LED display has improved the viewing angles and eliminated the glare, greatly improving the viewing experience for those attending meetings in the space.”


Results Achieved:

  • The large 135-inch screen size and minimal bezels of the Direct View LED created an immersive viewing experience.
  • Direct View LED also had reduced glare for clear viewing from any angle.
  • Seamless integration with central IT system for content delivery and communication.
  • Enhanced employee engagement through improved content interaction and communication.

Portability was also an important consideration in Seneca’s choice of the ViewSonic® Direct View LED display. Its pre-assembled design and foldable screen on a movable stand enables effortless transportation across multiple venues and all-in-one flexibility. Seneca Polytechnic can easily move the ViewSonic 135” display around campus or transport it to venues for industry tradeshows and conferences.

In addition, Seneca Polytechnic is using a Content Management System across its campuses with 219 BrightSign media players deployed – small devices that attach to the back of display panels and serve digital content. With media players connected behind every monitor, including the ViewSonic Direct View LED foldable display, Seneca Polytechnic’s marketing and communications teams now have centralized control and the ability to push content whenever and wherever it is needed.

“Seneca Polytechnic is making it easier for students and faculty to interact with content through our centralized and digital IT infrastructure,” said Shum. “Every student that attends our campuses brings at least one or two devices, and our facilities are equipped with the leading digital capabilities for students to easily connect and interact, enhancing the overall student experience.”

Shum continued to add that the LDS135-151 was hailed as a successful installation choice by key administrators.

“Installation of the ViewSonic Direct View LED was completed in January 2024, and feedback to date has been phenomenal. Both the President and Vice President have affirmed that ViewSonic was the right solution for Seneca.”

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